Tortoise species

Most of the tortoises we have are Testudo hermanni boettgeri or Testudo marginata. Also a group of cross breedings of Testudo graeca ibera and Testudo marginata is kept in separate areas. The outdoor terrarium provides different areas to separate different species or individuals. Most of these areas contain a greenhouse or protected shelter to protect the tortoise to the Dutch climate during the early spring and autumn. Hibernation takes place in the outdoor shelters from October up to April for the adults. For hatchlings the first hibernation is limited to 3 months. All the tortoises are free to move in the open field and greenhouses except for the hatchlings in their first and second year. These hatchlings are kept in indoor terrariums or in a greenhouse for most of the year.

Testudo hermanni boettgeri

Testudo hermanni

Testudo marginata

Testudo marginata

Testudo graeca ibera

Testudo graeca