hatchlings of Testudo hermanni
The tortoise hatchlings are marked individually by notching the marginal scutes according to the system used by the Charles Darwin Station on Santa Cruz Island. The juveniles are kept in the same outdoor terrarium as the colony of adult tortoises. During the day the environmental temperature should be high enough to keep the hatchlings active and the terrarium should be moistened several times a week. The basic diet is in principle the same as for juveniles and full-grown animals and consists of a wide variety of plant materials, especially leaves. Repeatedly providing high protein food, like meat or cat food should be avoided or limited to not more than once a week.

young Testudo marginata

Only a small number of hatchlings, enough to keep the tortoise population stable is retained. Surplus hatchlings are distributed, preferably among members of the Nederlandse Schildpadden Vereniging (Dutch Tortoise Association).