About Tortoise Advice Oosterbeek

Bert Eendebak

Tortoise Advice Oosterbeek is located in Oosterbeek, a village close to Arnhem in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Privately owned indoor and outdoor terraria are used to investigate the behaviour and the conditions of the tortoises. Groups of Testudo hermanni boettgeri, Testudo marginata and cross-breedings of Testudo graeca and Testudo marginata are kept.

The effect of environmental parameters on the incubation period and sex ratio of Testudo hermanni boettgeri and Testudo marginata has been investigated. Apart from the temperature, many other parameters were studied, e.g. characteristics of the parental female, nest location, time of nesting, order of laying within a clutch, egg weight and humidity during the incubation period. Most of the tortoises and turtles now present are of the second and third generation.

Some of the greenhouses used are shown below. The greenhouses are used to protect the tortoises and to seperate different species.

tortoises in their outdoor terrarium

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